Benjamin H. Dowling, Attorney at Law Call: 617-217-1438
Benjamin H. Dowling, Attorney at LawCall: 617-217-1438

License Suspensions

Attorney Dowling represents clients in every aspect of a license suspension. Attorney Dowling represents clients at Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Hearings, in front of the Massachusetts Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicle Liability Policies and Bonds and in front of the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.  Attorney Dowling provides all of his clients with customized, first rate service.  Attorney Dowling helps clients to get their license reinstated or to obtain a hardship license.  


Attorney Dowling also helps clients appeal citations that result in an increase in their insurance points. Simple and harmless incidents on the roadway can lead to long lasting and expensive consequences. The laws and rules surrounding surchargeable offenses in Massachusetts are complex.  Attorney Dowling's goal is to help keep his clients insurance rates down. 


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